Equal Opportunities?

As a jobless piece of shit, pumping out ten or more applications a day, I can honestly say that (despite asking the mandatory equal opportunities questions) not every employer is concerned with following the equal opportunities ethic of which they boast.

I completed an application just now for a very well known budget airline and I was met with a question that is very frequently asked, but which poses real danger for the prospective applicant.

The question: What are your salary expectations?

This is a double-edged sword question, designed for one reason: saving the company money. For example, let us say that an administration job has been promoted online but there is no wage attached. The applicant is left to guess at how much they could earn. One person applies has a history of administration and they have usually been paid £16,000. Another person has a similar history in administration but they have previously been paid £25,000.

Both people apply for the job. When asked What are your salary expectations? the first person responds with £16,000, the second responds with £25,000. The employer can therefore look at both applications and choose the person who expects the lowest amount. But let us say that the first person is unemployed, on their last paycheck and desperate. They therefore want to look more employable so, in a bid to get the job, they sell themselves short and say that they expect £15,000.

The company may have had a budget of £25,000 to spend on someone to fill the role, but they have potentially succeeded in saving the company £9,000 – £10,000. Maybe we are all equal in poverty as companies drive down average wages in an attempt to save money.

I dunno. Just thinking out loud.

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